Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I turned 38 yesterday.

I woke up to my daughter’s excited voice earlier than I wanted to on a Sunday morning.  I tried my best to shed the 6 days of weariness from my vision to focus on the greetings card that she had made for me. The innocence and heart in the fledgling pencil script instantly made my day. My wife and friend of almost 38 years was right there, smiling, ready to grant me culinary and extra-culinary wishes on the special occasion.

As it happened, it was also Mother’s Day – so I did not quite have a monopoly on the agenda. But that did not stop me from dictating the proceedings.

This was the first birthday I was celebrating with my parents in twelve years – it had to be special. My mom, who seems to be in a hurry to spend out the good years of her life, promised me her famous rice-pudding. My dad handed me a birthday card with his characteristic clear, accurate, appropriate yet genuine wishes that I have become so used to over the years. And B, she promised me the Polao and Pathar Mangsho, authentic Bengali preparations, just the way I like it.

In all it was a day that was well worth the 12 years of waiting. But I could not help thinking whether I will ever again have something like this. Mom, Dad, B and S all right around me – the people I care for the most. I think I have come to acknowledge the realities of life, and reconciled with it, perhaps more so than most people. But I can never skirt these thoughts totally. How are things going to be 5 years from now, 3 years from now, next year?

And, then I decided, when I am making memories for tomorrow and the days to come, I should really put my mind to it. Not worry about capturing it in degradable media, but in my mind vault that comes with a lifetime warranty – if it fails, chances are that I will also lose my ability to worry- so no worries there!

And I got on with it.


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